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Showcasing the contributions made by all who live here to the Australian way of life and culture
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The centre is an initiative of Turtle Lane Studios Pty Ltd.
Dr. Bob Jansen
Turtle Lane Studios
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Yvonne Boag
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"We at the Alaska Historical Society and the University of Alaska Fairbanks Office of Public History wholeheartedly endorse Turtle Lane Studios' Testimony Software.

Testimony Software entirely underpins our project, Hearing History: The Minutes of the Alaska Constitutional Convention, an online interactive teacher's guide featuring the linked transcripts and audio recordings of these historic proceedings.

The browser interface is intuitive and the authoring toolkit is simple to use and obviates the need to consider technical issues, allowing us to concentrate on content.

The non-platform-specific nature of the software removes any potential headaches regarding Mac or Windows specificity, and the embedded player further simplifies the interface. Even enormous files simply take longer to load - the system never hiccups. The overall result is highly gratifying, and creates a seamless bridge between the spoken and the written word.

We have worked with Dr. Jansen for over a year, and been greatly pleased by customer service and his product. He is available for excellent technical support when it is required (usually due to operator error rather than software issues).

We would without hesitation recommend Turtle Lane and its products to any comers."

Leighton M. Quarles Developer, Alaska Historical Society

Terrence M. Cole Director, Office of Public History, University of Alaska Fairbanks

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Center Information

The Australian Centre for Oral History facilitates the capture and publishing of oral histories, stories from important people in your life. Through the work of the centre and the agreement of the people involved, oral histories will be available for others to listen to and, learn from, and explore the richness and depth of experience and talent of the subjects. We hope to showcase the contributions made by all who live here to the Australian way of life and culture, the Australian story.

The Centre can help you record your oral histories, whether you are an individual wanting to tell your story, a town wanting to capture and retain its rich history or a group with a shared story. Our expertise, in conjunction with our associates and partners, provides you with an experienced group that will provide professional help and unbiased advice. Whether it be advice on how to interview people, or plan your project or technical advise as to recording mechanisms and all that IT stuff, we have the expertise that can advise you. If you wish, we can also do the work for you and develop a recorded oral history of your story.

Once your oral histories are recorded, you can choose to publish them through our web site. That way, each story can improve the whole story of the people of Australia and the contribution each has made to our way of life.

Our technology is based on Testimony Software, developed by Turtle Lane Studios Pty Ltd. This software has already been used to record stories from Australian artists, develop museum kiosks, and record what happens in several conference sessions and workshops. This track history should give you confidence in us - we know what we are talking about. We've done it before and we can make it easier for you.

Cultural Conversations

Our driving project at the moment is Cultural Conversations, developing a living archive of the stories of eminent Australian and South Korean creatives. All of our effort is going into this project at the moment, so to keep up to date with developments of Testimony Software, go to that web site.

Previous Projects

* The Alaska Constitution Convention - a site providing access to the recordings of the 1956 Alaska Constitution Convention
* Project Jukebox at the Oral History Program of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks - a site to which we contributed our software and skills in developing advanced oral history publishing and access. 

In addition to these projects, we have developed many smaller projects, including web sites and/or CDROM systems for the National Art School in Sydney and Hong Ik University in Seoul, the National Maritime Museum in Sydney, the Laperouse Museum in Sydney, and others.

Contact Details

For any more information, please contact one of the following people. We welcome other people and organisations to help us achieve our vision, so if you have the drive and the time, come and work with us.

Dr. Bob Jansen +61-414 297 448 Yvonne Boag +61-416 041 491

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